Towelroot Apk is a great application for rooting your Android device.  It is a feature that allows you to root your Android device in a few seconds, all with an APK and the press of a button. The important and most incredible feature of this tool is that you don’t need an Android root PC.


This is an independent app so you can root your android device with a single click. Towelroot appears to support a wide variety of Android devices on the market, so that your device will most likely be rooted, even if your device is not one of the common Android devices.

Towelroot is a popular rooting application for android users. This tool allows users to root the android device by installing an apk, without experiencing the complicated process of using a PC. Being only 100KB in size, the tool completes the rooting within a few seconds. On completion, the android device will be perfectly rooted without a restart. Towelroot can root Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4 and Nexus 4 or 5.

Towelroot App for android

You need to be aware that rooting violates your Android device’s software warranty before you download the towelroot and root your device. That means you’ve got to pay to repair it if there is any problem after rooting on your Android device software, and your guarantee time still remains. However, hardware and other accessories are not affected by the warranty.

 There is also no reason to presume but whether or not Towelroot roots or does not properly root an android device.

I mean, we can tell you whether or not your device is rootable, but we can’t say whether it will cause problems. You should not install SuperSU or superuser instantly when towel rooting.

towelroot apk

After your android rooting, you can uninstall system applications, but remember that there are some applications that you never use, but that they are very important for your device. Before uninstalling, learn about system applications.

  • Go into Settings > Security > and choose Unknown Sources to allow the Towelroot APK installation of third-party apps.  Then install the apk file downloaded.
  • Run Towelroot installed.
  • If your device is compatible, proceed to Next Step, click “Ra1n.”  

How to download towelroot the free PC for Windows or Mac

PCs allow you to download the free towelroot app from your Windows PC. See the steps below for your Windows PC to download.

  • You need a Windows operating system-based computer or PC or laptop. The Windows 10/8/7 and XP toolroot app is supported.
  • Then make sure you connect your PC or laptop to the good speed internet connection before downloading the towelroot for PC. The device with Wi-Fi access is recommended to users.
  • Now download the app from the official website towelroot on your PC or laptop. Also download app which you need to open the app in pc.
  • Open it.
  • It will ask you for permissions when you click to open it. Enable permissions and then click to complete the PC towelroot installation.
  • Accept all installation terms and conditions.
  • Now your Windows PC or laptop is equipped with the towel root app.
  • These are some simple steps to have a PC or Windows towel root app that lets you benefit from PC towelroot. PC towel root is free and this method is quite simple. This method is quite free. It will hardly end up taking you a couple of minutes.

On nearly all Mac and Windows devices, you can download and install the towel root application. The download of your PC or your desktop usually provides you with more room for files, so space issues are never possible while downloading.

Towelroot’s PC is an advantage to download. Towelroot PC application is fully secure, and without jailbreaking your device, you can download on Mac. Once you get this app for your PC or laptop, you have free access to your device and enjoy unlimited fun and entertainment without any money. You also get time for towelroot app updates.

You can change the configuration the manufacturer allows with towel root for your PC. This does, however, involve the risk, but it is safe and safe to use.

towelroot app


What’s the meaning of rooting?

Root access means access to the core system in every case, whether it be Android, Web Hosting or any other similar activity. This means that you can do anything you want to do with this system if you have root access to any system.

You can only view and comment on posts on this government websites, for instance, because you have no root access to their servers, and can not edit and delete posts. In Android, all you can do is install and delete the applications you have downloaded from the play store and view only the data, files and folders that Android permits. It is also similar to Android.

Will my warranty continue if I root my device and then unroot it sometime after that?

 Yes, because they’re not going to know you have rooted before, your guarantee will continue.

 Rooting is said to be dangerous. Should I do that?

 You have to decide. Few people actually brick up their device during rooting and you can now also use 100% safe rooting. So I think you don’t worry much, but please google if you’re so afraid of error while rooting your device.

Why am I going to ROOT MY DEVICE?

1. You may remove some software from the system after you root your phone. In root software management, no installation option is available. But they can match some software for file management to remove the application on your phone after rooting. This can save your phone’s memory space (suitable for smartphones at low ends).

2. Some applications need root access to open their features. Titanium Backup, for instance, has a superb feature that both backup and app/game can be used. However, you need root access to this feature.

3. Some top Android optimized towelroot software needs rooting assistance to optimize.

4. You can do a lot to increase your phone’s speed and battery life without rooting, but you’re still more powerful at root, as always. You may, for example, overclock or underclock your phone for better battery life with an app like SetCPU.

5. You can make your life much easier by first backing up the applications and the settings when you move to a new Android device— or restoring your device to stock for any purpose. You can get the whole setup in just a few taps in this way. If you are not rooted, you can back-up apps and data, but you can’t save system apps and their data, or automate the whole process.

Alternative of Towelroot

There are a few alternatives to Towelroot with similar functionalities. The top five of them are detailed below.

  1. Magisk

 Magisk is a Universal System-less Interface that can be used to create an altered mask of the system without changing the system itself. It is a complete open source application that seamlessly allows
system modification without actually tampering the partitions. This application is capable of hiding from Google SafetyNet, bank system integrity checks and game tamper checks.  In addition, Magisk allows modifications to system properties, including read-only props. Magisk is supported on android and android tablet platforms.

  • Kingo Root

Kingo Android Root is a well-designed application for Windows based computers that forgoes the device specific route, and offers rooting for android devices from a variety of manufacturers. This application supports Google Nexus, HTC devices, One X, One Droid Eris, Motorola Defy, a number of Samsung models, LG and Sony devices. Kingo Root offers a true one-click root experience, where users can download, install and connect the device and click Root.

  • KingRoot

KingRoot is a root tool for users, who wish to enable root access without flashing any third party recovery into their devices. It can function on all devices ranging from Android 2.x – 5.0.

KingRoot works on the concept of system exploit, wherein the most suitable root strategy will be deployed from the cloud based on the ROM information. Hence, it is essential to continuously enable internet connectivity during this process. KingRoot has an unroot operation that can be executed by the click of a button in the menu.

An optimization tool called “Purify”, helps in battery power optimization so as to improve device standby time and increase the speed and the return of the device to its pure state. Purify works only with root access. It is essential to extend standby time and save the device battery power. The purifying application, running in the background, saves RAM and facilitates the device to process faster.  The Purify mode also enables applications that utilize high RAM to run smoothly. Moreover, Purify has the capability to archive notifications with a lean and uncluttered notification bar.

  • Root Genius

Root Genius roots the android phone with one click. This is a quick root tool which supports more than 10,000 android phone models.

The Root Genius windows version doesn’t require any installation on the PC. The android user can download Root Genius and run while the device is connected to the PC. The latest update Root 3.1.7 is currently only available with a Chinese interface and the apk is also available for direct download on Android smartphones.

  • z4Root

z4root is an extremely lightweight android application that can root all android devices with a single click. Being fast and simple, the application can be installed without any manual. You can also use app such as xmodgame coc to get apps and games.This application has available options to erase cache from used applications. Currently, z4Root does not support rooting of the following devices:

These five options are considered to be the best alternatives for Towelroot. There are several others for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, Android Tablet and more.